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Automatic Pool Covers

Benefits of a Pool Cover

There are several reasons why your pool should be covered. It adds convenience by reducing the amount of dirt and debris that get into your pool and filtration system. It reduces the risk of unplanned access to your pool. And there are studies showing that a pool cover can bring down operating costs by reducing water loss and retaining more heat than an uncovered pool.

Cover Pools offers custom pool covers that can fit every pool and spa owner's needs. See below for more information regarding the different types of covers they offer.

Covers for Existing Pools

Universal and SnapTop™ Universal Tracks mount directly onto your pool deck

The deck-mounted Universal and SnapTop Universal track can be used for rectangular vinyl-liner and fiberglass pools when Underside track is not an option. The low-profile guides run parallel on the deck along the side of the pool.

Our Recessed Track option gives your pool a custom look.

The Recessed track is another option for pools when a surface-mounted track is needed. The tracks are placed into the deck at the edge of the pool and sit flush with the surface of the deck. 

Covers for Spas & Swim Spas

The spa cover reduces water and heat evaporation and is convenient for daily use. It works particularly well for indoor swim spas, replacing the need for expensive de-humidification equipment.

–   Reduces the space required for an automatic cover system

–   Can be used for in-ground and above-ground spas, swim spas, and small pools

–   Provides convenient access and security at the touch of a button

To access your spa, simply turn a key or use your keypad and the AutoSave spa cover retracts to reveal inviting water—no need to struggle with any cumbersome covers. When you’re finished using the spa, you can cover it just as easily.

Fabric Options

Quad-Core™ Laminated Fabric

Quad-Core laminated fabric for pool and spa covers is reinforced with a strong polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance, this high-performance vinyl-resin formula provides maximum durability in the swimming pool environment.

Pro-Coat™ Coated Fabric

Pro-Coat coated fabric for pool and spa covers uses an enhanced coated formula that provides long-lasting durability with UV protection, advanced tensile strength and exceptional resistance to abrasions, tears and chemical deterioration.

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